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Why Laze? : Laze Features

Native Language

Currently, we are developing mainly Japanese language support. But, we will prepare you to program in a variety of languages in the future.

Latest Technologies

It is built using WebAssembly, which makes it faster than other languages running on the web. Furthermore, it uses a drawing method called WebGL2.0, which makes it versatile and fast!

Wherever you are

You can start right now, right in your browser. Everything you need for Laze is right there in the Playground. You don't need to go through the hassle of setting up your own environment anymore.

What can you do with Laze?

2D Games

Using the standard library, 2D drawing can be done with very simple code.

3D Games

It uses WebGL, which means that it can perform as well in 3D as it does in 2D. It comes with a standard library to make it easy to get started.

GUI apps (in preparation)

You will be able to easily create GUI applications as good as GUI using HTML and CSS. (In preparation)

Join Laze!

Read the documentation

Read the Laze documentation. It is available online for free and anyone can read it.

Join the community

Let's ask and answer questions in the community to keep the community engaged. A thriving community leads to a thriving language itself.

Contribute to Laze

There are many things you can do, such as writing Laze standard libraries, reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, etc. Laze is still a developing language, so let's make Laze even better with your help.