Welcome to Laze!

Laze will take you to a brand new world of programming.


Laze is a compilation language that compiles to WebAssembly. It has been developed with a simple syntax and intuitive writing style. If you are a beginner, Laze is a perfect language to start your programming life!

Philosophy and Goals

We are developing Laze with the goal of "A Great Programming Experience for All"!

In order to achieve this goal, here are three things we are trying our best to achieve: "native language programming", "easy environment construction", and "simple and multifunctional". Please let us explain each of them in detail.

Native Language Programming

It is a feature that allows users to write programs in multiple languages such as Japanese and English, not programming languages.

Furthermore, it is our goal to make it possible for anyone to write programs in their native language by implementing functions in the library that can easily support multiple languages.

Without Environment Construction

We are currently developing an editor that functions in a browser. We are trying to further create extensions for offline editors like Visual Studio Code to create an environment where users can develop offline.

We are aming to reduce complicated steps and make the environment quick and easy to build.

Simple and Multifunctional

It has been developed to have a simple syntax and intuitive writing style. It also allows the loading of libraries so that anyone can write libraries for Laze. In the future, we are planning to create a package manager to deploy Laze packages easily.

Contribute to Laze

Join the Development Team

The Laze Project Team is developing laze, but we require more people. If you would like to join the team, please send us a DM from the discord community or send an email to lazelang.official@gmail.com.


Laze is being developed as an open source so that anyone can easily access and suggest Laze code. We welcome contributions of all kinds, from typos to libraries development.

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