The image of Laze logo


Logo Guideline

The Laze logo is the property of the Laze Project Team and may be reused and modified under the following conditions


Please indicate in an appropriate manner that the logo is attributed to the Laze Project Team.

Modification of the logo is permitted only in the following cases

  • Resize without changing the aspect ratio (but minimum size is 16x16)
  • Color changes that do not compromise the image of Laze for design reasons (e.g. black and white)

If you have any doubts about whether or not modifications are allowed, please contact the Laze Project Team via discord community or email (

Types of Logo

There are two types of Laze logos: one with the word Laze and one without, as shown below. Please use one or the other as appropriate for your situation and design.

The image of Laze logo
The image of Laze logo

Brand Color

Laze's brand colors are the two colors that make up the logo. The specific colors are shown below. The brand colors play an important role in shaping the image of Laze.

Laze Main Color


RGBR235 G160 B89

CMYKC0% M32% Y62% K8%

Laze Spare Color


RGBR242 G189 B139

CMYKC0% M22% Y43% K5%

Prohibited Matters

The following are prohibited.

  • Using the logo without following the terms of use
  • Use of the logo in colors that are not in line with Laze's brand colors
  • Use of the logo on content that is not related to Laze at all
  • Use of the logo in any other way that may damage the image of Laze

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